Preserve ecological systems and watersheds across all lands and waters

Everyone lives in a watershed! Miles of ephemeral creeks and intermittent streams thread through Marin’s watersheds, connecting ridgetops to bay and ocean, land to water.

Some watersheds drain the agricultural lands and villages of West Marin into Tomales Bay or into coastal estuaries and the ocean.  Watersheds to the east, largely obscured by urban development and human activity and its by-products, drain to the San Francisco and San Pablo Bay.  Whether east or west, these watersheds demand constant attention to function well – to control storm runoff and minimize sediments and downstream flooding, remain clear of other pollutants, sustain upland, riparian, and aquatic habitats, including endangered fish populations, and ensure that receiving streams, bay, wetlands and ocean waters remain healthy. MCL understands that it takes comprehensive public policy, well-funded green-infrastructure, diligent volunteer efforts, and broad public education to manage a watershed!

Our Land Use, Transportation, and Water Committee advocates for protecting and restoring natural systems and watersheds that sustain urban and other environments. Its work includes:

  • Tracking board actions and plans for both Marin Municipal and North Marin Water Districts for meeting the County’s drought-challenged water supply needs;
  • Advocating that Marin Water (MMWD) implement revised pricing and implement specific sanctions to support and encourage increased conservation of water;
  • Opposing the City of Novato’s approval of Costco’s proposed 36-pump gas station on a site that lies between a vulnerable mitigation wetland and the Novato Creek floodplain;
  • Supporting Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s plan to protect sensitive eel grass and bayland habitats from the impacts of anchor-outs in Richardson Bay.
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