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  • May-June 2023

    President’s message, Nona Dennis and Susan Stompe, Support for MW rate increases, MCL Annual Dinner in pictures, Recreation on other watersheds, Jean Berensmeier’s legacy, Mike McGuire at MCL Breakfast

  • March-April 2023

    President’s message, Tribute to Phyllis Faber, Huffman on Climate Progress, Forest resiliency, Offshore wind, Nature note: Oaks, Marin Master Gardeners

  • January-February 2023

    President’s message, Renew your membership, MCE Sync, EV 2023 tax credits, Editor’s note, Trail Partners at 10 years, Be a Ring Mountain docent, Status update: Newt Brigade, In Memoriam: Judy Schreibman

  • November-December 2022

    President’s message, Renew your membership, Marin’s Green Building Code, Leader’s Circle, MCL Holiday Party

  • September-October 2022

    MCP’s Environmental Roundtable, The future of SR 37, California Coastal Cleanup, Marin Green Home Tour, Meet new board members, Marin’s First Creek Symposium

  • May-June 2022

    Yes on A, MCL Annual Mtg wrap-up, Building electrification, Env. history by John Hart, In memoriam: Doug Wilson, 2022 MCL Env. Awardees!.

  • March-April 2022

    Serpentine Prairie on Ring Mtn, Rooftop Solar & NEM, MCL 2022, Environmental Awardees, Staff Profiles, MCL 2022 Election proposed slate.

  • November-December 2021

    Watershed Recreation Plan, Anatomy of a Trail, Housing event

  • September-October 2021

    Marin Biodiversity Corridor Initiative, Nature Note, MCL New Directors

  • May-June 2021

    Roads and trails on County preserves, Water conservation at the other end of the pipe, MCL 2021 Environmental Awardees

  • March-April 2021

    The Case Against New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure. An EV for every lifestyle. Stream Conservation Ordinance update. Director profiles

  • January-February 2021

    Corte Madera tidal marsh restoration. Transit Center project. Project Update: San Geronimo Valley. Nature Note: Eelgrass. MCL Director Profiles. New Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles

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