Who We Are

Environmentalists at Work

MCL’s environmental advocacy is more vital now than ever before.

Serving as both watchdog and advocate, MCL’s hard-working and vigilant committees monitor a broad range of planning and land use decisions county-wide to ensure Marin’s ecological values are maintained and restored.

The work depends on the dedication of volunteers to carefully study development proposals and government initiatives that have county-wide implications and then work to influence decision makers to ensure that planning, policies, and actions are consistent with a healthy environment. 

Our efforts range from mitigating Marin’s climate footprint to fostering resilience for Marin communities. MCL is increasingly aware that caring for ecological systems in the urban environment means addressing the effects of global climate change and doing it in a way that provides for equity and justice for communities of color who are usually most impacted by sea level rise in Marin. 

With your support, we’ll ensure the environment is a top priority in local decision-making.

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