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  • Public Comments On Northgate Town Square Draft Environmental Impact Report

    Marin Conservation League (MCL) would like to thank the City of San Rafael for the opportunity to review and submit comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) prepared for the Northgate Town Square (Northgate) development proj

  • MCL Tam Strategic Plans

    MCL Comments on the 2023 Measure A/AA and 2023 Measure B Strategic Plans

  • Marin Water Rate Increase

    Support for Marin Water’s 2023 Proposed Water Rate, Fee, and Charge Increases

  • Watershed Recreation Management Plan Workshops

    Response to Recreation Planning Workshops from Marin Conservation League (MCL)

  • MAS-MCNPS Ltr to MW re Enviro Review of RMP Projects – 2023-04-07

  • Comment Letter – Marin Water’s Watershed Recreation Management Plan Process

    Recommendations and concerns on Marin Water’s Watershed Recreation Management Plan process. Attachments: MCL Policy Roads and Trails, MCL Policy eBikes; Marin Water List of Trails and Roads

  • Oppose CPUC’s Net Energy Metering 3.0

    Oppose California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 December 15, 2022 Decision as Currently Proposed

  • MCL_SR Housing Element Comment Letter_11.30.2022

    Comment Letter City of San Rafael Draft Housing Element

  • MCL_ PEL Comment Letter_11.28.2022

    Support Letter for SR 37 PEL Study Recommendations

  • NPS Tennessee Valley Dam Removal EA comment

    Comment letter Tennessee Valley Dam Removal EA

Annual Reports

  • MCL Annual Report 2023

  • MCL Annual Report 2022

  • MCL Annual Report 2021

  • MCL Annual Report 2020

  • MCL Annual Report 2019

  • MCL Annual Report 2018

  • MCL Annual Report 2017

  • MCL Annual Report 2016

  • MCL Annual Report 2015

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  • MCL Annual Report 2013

  • MCL Annual Report 2012

  • MCL Annual Report 2011

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