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MCL Letters

  • MCL Tam Strategic Plans

    MCL Comments on the 2023 Measure A/AA and 2023 Measure B Strategic Plans

  • Marin Water Rate Increase

    Support for Marin Water’s 2023 Proposed Water Rate, Fee, and Charge Increases

  • Watershed Recreation Management Plan Workshops

    Response to Recreation Planning Workshops from Marin Conservation League (MCL)

  • MAS-MCNPS Ltr to MW re Enviro Review of RMP Projects – 2023-04-07

  • Comment Letter – Marin Water’s Watershed Recreation Management Plan Process

    Recommendations and concerns on Marin Water’s Watershed Recreation Management Plan process. Attachments: MCL Policy Roads and Trails, MCL Policy eBikes; Marin Water List of Trails and Roads

  • Baylands Group SR37 Comments on Partnership Agreement

    RE: Baylands Group Comments on Draft State Route 37 Partnership Agreement to Realize Transportation and Ecological Benefits

  • MCL Corte Madera Creek Scoping Letter 09.21.2020

    Comment Letter Corte Madera Creek Flood Risk Mgt Project

  • MCL EBikes Comment RIN 1024-AE61 06.08.2020

    Comment Letter Opposition to e-Bike Regulation to redefine the term electric bike

  • MCL_ Comments on CWPP_9.12.20

    Comments County Wildfire Protection Plan

  • MCL North Coast Holdings LLC Seminary Scoping Letter_10.26.2020

    Scoping Letter for North Coast Holdings at 201 Seminary Drive

Annual Reports

  • MCL Annual Report 2021

  • MCL Annual Report 2014

  • MCL Annual Report 2013

  • MCL Annual Report 2012

  • MCL Annual Report 2011

  • MCL Annual Report 2015

  • MCL Annual Report 2018

  • MCL Annual Report 2017

  • MCL Annual Report 2016

  • MCL Annual Report 2019

  • MCL Annual Report 2020

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