Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Gifts of Stocks or Mutual Funds

Stock Transfer Instructions

MCL uses its Vanguard accounts to receive gifts of stock or mutual funds:

STEP 1: In order for us to identify you as the donor, please notify Richard Jensen directly at Jensen9493@sbcglobal.net or 925-246-3081 with the name of the stock and number of shares you intend to transfer, the date of the transfer, and purpose or designation of your gift (Donation to current Operations or Legacy of the Land Endowment donation)

STEP 2: Authorize your broker or financial agent to transfer shares to MCL’s brokerage account: Receiving firm:

VANGUARD Brokerage Services
VANGUARD Charitable brokerage account number: 76580331
DTC Clearing Number: 0062

Further credit to: Marin Conservation League Account Number: 0033-09866709779 for the Legacy of the Land Endowment or 88042065698 Operations (please specify).
If you have questions, please contact Richard Jensen at: jensen9493@sbcglobal.net
1- 925-246-3081

Inquire Regarding Donations

MCL’s success at making the environment a priority in local decision-making depends on the support of our members.

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